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Grass Stained Twilight

by Todd McHatton

“It’s a breeze, If you just try,” Said the ones on the ground To the ones in the sky. “When you come down, You’ll see. And then like us You’ll be.” “When you’re up, Just don’t look down,” Said the ones in the sky To the ones on the ground. “When you come up, you’ll see. And then like us you’ll be.” You know sometimes it’s automatic, You do some things so systematic, Down in the basement Or in the attic You stay. Maybe you’re just in time to get away. It’s a breeze, If they just try, For the ones on the ground And the ones in the sky. When you join them You’ll see, And like them You’ll be.
Garden John 02:33
He wakes up to the sound of horns beepin’, Instead of dreams, it seems he’s got a big meeting. Go back to a silent zoo and sing, And they’re gone, ‘Cause it’s dawn, And he yawns, Puts the tie on today. He stumbles through the doors of towers gleamin’, In his lapel the flower does the redeemin’, In his dreams the grass is green... sing, Garden John, And they’re gone, Cause he’s drawn on and on, Won’t mow that lawn, no way. His yard is long and tall with bugs a teemin’, His flowers bloom and swoon to his heart beatin’, A song or two wanders through... sing, Garden John, On and on, he sings his song, Garden John, lives upon his dreams.
The sky is filled with pinholes, Flashlight is shining on Black construction paper, Says the day is done. Bugga Bugga Joe’s sittin’ in his room Lookin’ at the paper moon In the sky. Spendin’ his life like a little star, Starin’ at the lid on a jar Wishin’ he could fly. Bugga Bugga Joe. The night is filled with strange dreams, Wrappin’ strings to keep him warm, Hangin’ from the paper, His wings are born. Bugga Bugga Joe’s dancin’ to a tune, Flyin’ around in his room, In the morning light. All it’s gonna take is just a little twist From the girl with the jar in her fist, And away he’ll fly, Bugga Bugga Joe.
A Pudgy Pig and a Fuzzy Peach Were playin’ on a lovely beach. Peach tossed a frisbee, It sailed out of reach. “Go get that frisbee, Piggy!’ “You go get that frisbee, Peach!” It sailed out of reach. Ahhh, lot’s of great big waves, It drifted up on shore. Let’s play with it some more.
Runnin’ in place, Caught up to find that you were floating in space, I’ve got to remind you that your cord is gonna come undone, Even though you’re havin’ fun. Strange little place, Went where the computer said, Stayed here too long. The light is on and blinkin’ red, Captain says to “Get on board – If your cord breaks, you’re gonna soar away.” So long, floating away, Smile on your face, I saw through the visor As you floated away, Hanging on the wires of the cord that had come undone, As you drifted off into the sun. Away, so long, floating away, Frank’s space prank, A rocket flashing through the sky, Coming in safe. Glad to see he’s alright, But I wish he would’ve told someone, He’d gone and put a jet pack on today.
They all escaped When I went to put on my red Cape. I flew all over the Earth and Sun, Singed my best boots, it’s no use, They’re gone. How’ll I explain? It was a wardrobe problem, Commissioner. That sounds so lame. I’ve got a Super Sister. They’ll commission her, too. No one waits for you to change Into your cape anymore. I’ll find a way to get them all back, And I’ll save the day. And then I’ll say, “It was no problem at all, Commissioner.” That sounds so great. They’ll let my Super Sister Come on a mission or two. No one waits For you to change Into your cape anymore.
Got a gift for you, A little card, It says: There’s about a hundred boxes in the backyard. You and me, We make a good team, Got all we need, Duct tape and a dream. Silence please, While the wind blows through the trees, We could build almost anything, So prepare for launch. It’s good to be good together, When we’re in the sky, We’re gonna be So stellar. ‘Cause you and me, We make a good team, We could build almost anything. We could build a big machine, A tunnel, fort or a submarine. We could build a giant crane, Some castle walls or an aeroplane. Prepare for launch, You and me, We make a good team, Got all we need, Duct tape and a dream (And those boxes).
Pirate Song 02:37
She’s a pirate and she’s got her eye on, Everything she wants I’m gonna put an “x” on, And she’s gonna dig it. She’s goin’ through the sea with me. Cooper Crush Cannon is searchin’ for gold, Crazy Hazey’s on the deck, she’s dancin’ on her toes, And we’re sailin’ where the winds of love blow.
Say, surveyor, could you stay a little later? Go put that thing on and sing a little song. Your creations are measured elevations. We’ll build from boundaries that you’ve planned on the land, Where we stand hand in hand. It’s your fate to navigate the minute and great. We can’t wait, Don’t be late. It’s your condition to determine our position. Test your best guess of what is on the surface. Dimensions, space, and points between Map a dream, A scheme supreme of things unseen. You can find your piece of mind in the sky, If you try. It’s all right, Go put that thing on and sing a little song.
Phil was able to set the table Faster than anyone could. You’d look all around, But just hear the sound Of linen, glass, metal and wood. Just what Phil looked like No one was sure, Far and wide He was known As a clonk clanking blur. The guy who would come for any event, In a big purple palace, or pretty pink tent. But Phil moved away, Didn’t know what to do When folks started eating in front of the tube.
Bill Gets Up 02:43
Ol’ Bill gets up, Then Bill gets down, His juice is fresh, His toast is brown. He brings the bats a telescope, He brings the bunnies a jump rope, He brings a whistle for the birds, ‘Cause they don’t know the words. He teaches them to play, But he can’t stay awake, So Bill gets up, And Bill gets down, His suit is pressed, His toast is brown. He brings the snake A pair of boots, For butterflies, He brings parachutes, He brings the bears Some books to read, It isn’t what they need. The hour’s getting late, They’ve got to hibernate, He brings his things to everyone, They don’t need things, But things are fun. He brings the bugs some kites to fly, They don’t know how or why, But Bill still helps them try, He’s just that kind of guy. And Bill gets up, Then Bill gets down, His juice is fresh, His toast is brown.
No one gets away today, I’ve made a wardrobe change. Now I see I can be much better, I can run much better, I can jump much better, I can fly much better, In all kinds of weather. I’ve put on my cape, I won’t let you down. No one get’s away today. I feel lucky.
If you don’t know what to do ‘Cause some things won’t change, You can try and move the view Or you can try and move the frame. If you don’t know all the words, maybe that’s okay, ‘Cause the world just hums along as we’re hurtling through space. Fill your teapot up with rain. Heat it up on a sunny day. It’s never been that hard, playin’ games in the yard. Make a wish and be the star.


About.com Children's Music called Grass Stained Twilight a "supercatchy psychedelic pop album for kids" and Kids Music That Rocks called it a "popliciously psychedelic kids' album" with a "cosmic pop vibe."
Todd McHatton's Grass Stained Twilight is pure, classic, sunshine pop joy and storybook imagery. The audio equivalent of a sack of candy and a stack of comic books.


released November 25, 2008

All songs written, performed, and produced by Todd McHatton ©2008


all rights reserved



Todd McHatton California

Todd McHatton’s dense, psychedelic pop is unlike any kids’ music you’ve ever heard. The closest approximation might be a cross between Magical Mystery Tour-era Beatles and Harry Nilsson… About.com

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