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Super Audio Sunshine

by Todd McHatton

This is everything you always wanted / Go and tell all your friends you found it / It was right here all the time / Waiting for you to find it / Just a little bit of love goes a long long way / Come on come on its a brand new day
Flat out dusted lightly and we’re rolling / Loaded up with filling / Love we’re beholding / A slice of pie will bring you round / In a slice of pie some peace is found / A slice of pie can simply astound / You’re my slice of pie / You say give it a try angel any angles fine / You’re my slice of pie / Spinnin’ on the table like a bit of sunshine / You and I we both sometimes get heated / And in time we find it’s what was needed / Just takes a scoop to cool it down
What makes me smile is when you say can we play for awhile / And what makes me laugh is when you make a shampoo horn in the bath / And what makes me sigh is the glimmer of love in your eye / You see the back of my headrest / You see my melon bobbin’ along to our favorite song / Yes we’ve done this a billion times but it’s better every time it’s on
Wonderbuzz 02:45
Rollin’ round in the sunshine / Feelin’ everybody move / It’s a wonderbuzz / Oh we’re fillin’ it up with our minds / Livin’ upon the groove / It’s a wonderbuzz / Oh a wonderbuzz takes us all the way / Exploding oceans capture stars and make the day / And I love the way the stars come from your eyes / So fine / Oh we’re just bursting with love / Oh we color it all outside the lines / Singin’ a happy tune / Oh a wonderbuzz takes us all the way / Like rays of sunshine shimmering in space
Sweet Bangs 02:22
Looks like you’ve got / Somethin’ new / Looks good to me / I can see your eyebrows better now baby / Sweet bangs / Yeah that’s the thing / And I like how clearly I can see your eyes / You make me feel so good inside / Oh tell me true where’d you get that do ‘cause you know I’m gonna wanna get one to / Looks like you’ve got a little peak-a-boo / A little fringe / That’s crazy / A little ragged, ruffled, swept off to one side, and piecey / Sweet bangs / Yeah that’s the thing / Pinup, blocked, or parted, or straight, or choppy / Sweet bangs / You’ve got a cut that’s stunning
Vroom 02:38
You put the records on / Zoom zoom zoom / And you make the speakers talk / Boom boom boom / And you rev this engine / Vroom vroom vroom / Yes you’re my one / My only one / You make me feel like dancing / I think we should sing this song / You light the night like the moon moon moon / You’re my dish and I’ll always be your spoon spoon spoon
Refreshments on Neptune are swell night and day / Though no one had tried them / ‘Cause they’ve all blown away / Refreshments on Neptune / Sometimes pretend will have to do / You know Marvy, Finch, and Larry / Oh they tried sipping some juice / They bound it to boulders / But the binding blew loose / So if you’re thirsty my friend / For something that will transcend / You might try a planet / With a little less wind
The first magical thing you think / Before the lonely wind slips in / Is most likely the place where you should begin / And it’s true sometimes you may not want to blink / Afraid you might be missing it / But the mystery of what’s to be is our friend / You’re what love is made of / And you’ll be the greatest / What I do is because / Oh you just fill me up / There’ll be time to do everything you want to do / The first magical thing you think / Before this lovely world starts to spin / It will always be my favorite place to begin / There’ll be time to do everything you want to do
My washing me machine is very brave / At least that’s what I think / It spins and it shakes the dirty things / It’s nothing like the sink / The sink needs you to fill it up / To soak and dunk and scrub / As far as things that clean go / It’s just above the tub / Another useless object that’s supposed to get you clean / When it really just holds water / What we need is a machine / I’d like to make somethin’ that’ll spin / A pleasant way to start each day / A place for us to rub a dub / To toss and turn and play / So I’m gatherin’ up the tools to build this spectacular new machine / And when it’s done I’ll be thrilled to introduce it yes indeed / The washing me machine is all I’ll ever need to get me clean and all the parts and in betweens will shine and gleam immaculately
Excuse me sir / You cannot do that here / We have rules you know / And I’m sure there’s a big one that applies particularly to this bit of bizarre behavior that you’ve shown / And I really would prefer to put a thousand miles between the last two things you’ve done and me / But it’s all for not because I’ve rightly gone and fallen right out of my tree
The pockets in these pants / Are really much too deep / Some grizzly bears have crawled inside / And sung themselves to sleep / I fear their drums and tubas / Will clang and wake them up / If I put on my scuba suit / Or walk my sister’s pup / And so I sit and softly slip some butter, bread, and jellies / Into my deep pockets / In case they wake with hungry bellies
She sits shaking snow globes / Silver slingshots in the sky / He exists in all the seasons / Searches for the reasons why / Their last dance was on the moon / Oh that would seem a long time ago / Rolled up and riddled in stars / She twists up her rainbows / Silver slingshots in the sky / He exists as a completion / Searches for the reasons why
When you come burnin’ through all the birdies scatter / You hide your yellow behind a blackish pattern / And you hang your wires high in the tallest trees / You shine so bright yet it’s hard to believe / Have you seen her up / Up up in the sky / Up up on the wire / Her unicycle’s on fire / ‘Cause if you didn’t know you’d swear she was a shooting star
You belong to me / Growing in this little green room / Pieces of you adrift on the wind to make wishes and dreams come true / And grow more beautiful than you ever knew / And they’ll bloom / And they’ll swoon
With your hand in mine / Everything is beautiful / ‘Cause you make it shine / Everything is beautiful / Hey I love you / I love you more / Oh sometimes it feels like my heart might burst / You ready to do this now / Yes I’m ready to do this now / I love you / I love you more
Theres a bunch of monsters on the beaches / They’re kicking around in the sunny sweetness / Everybody’s having fun as far as you’re aware / I’ve got a question / What are we doing here / Every little monster wants to know / How did we get here / And where are we supposed to go / There’s a bunch of monsters in a building / They dance around and laugh and dream / Everybody’s having fun as far as you’re aware


Todd McHatton is back with more of his spectacular spaced out joyful sunshine garage pop. Waves of psychedelia and fuzzed out dance grooves coexist with sweet acoustic numbers, vintage rock and roll, and layers of rich vocal harmonies. On his sixth studio album McHatton is once again a one man show handling all the writing, production, instruments, and artwork. Fans of The Flaming Lips, Prince, and Nilsson should find much to love with this beautiful blur of sound. McHatton’s raw primitive brilliance sounds simultaneously timeless and new. His catchy songs and complex arrangements are graceful and packed with little wonders. He indulges in song craft and expressive character voices throughout. What comes through is irrepressibly upbeat, colorful, diverse, fun - it’s a view into his heart and soul. Super Audio Sunshine is wonderful fun for kids and adults of all ages.


released October 7, 2014


all rights reserved



Todd McHatton California

Todd McHatton’s dense, psychedelic pop is unlike any kids’ music you’ve ever heard. The closest approximation might be a cross between Magical Mystery Tour-era Beatles and Harry Nilsson… About.com

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